Clayton & Fairweather Green has been fighting an ongoing battle with the council and developers due to the planned housing developments in both areas.

For your information I will post the latest news from the Keep Clayton Green group, and Save the Green Green groups.


Minutes of the meeting:

KCG Action Group Members
27 March 2018 at 7:30pm at the Village Hall

 Present: John Fox (Acting Chair), Andrea Wilson (Secretary), Rachel Fox (Treasurer), Sue Wolstenholme, Frances Ayrton and Leah Topham

Apologies: Neil Topham, Abby Langford

Welcome and Introduction

The Chair welcomed the new action group members and outlined the objectives of the KCG group and introduce the Steering Group members and the local Councillors.   The Chair gave a special thank you to the existing action group members for their continued support.

Westminster Avenue (99 Houses)

The Chair updated and briefed the action group members on the developments on the Westminster Avenue site

  • 12 February Planning Notice issues
  • Drainage and associated works in the adjacent field are to be completed before commencement of the building work on Westminster Ave can commence.  
  • It was rumoured that the contractors would commence on site on 8 March.  This start date has passed and no work has commenced.
  • Steering Group members will be meeting with Barratts in the near future to discuss the development Scoping Exercise Holts Lane/Delph Drive (25-33 Houses)
     The Chair briefed the action group members on the scoping exercise for the adjacent land to the Westminster Avenue development and gave a brief overview of the potential additional evidence that may be required to accompany the full planning application for the proposed 25-33 houses.  The group are aware that there are issues relating to the access directly from Delph Drive to the proposed site, however as this land is where the associated works (drainage tanks) will be housed for the Westminster Ave site; it has been muted that the access may be via the Westminster Avenue development.  

     Scoping Exercise for Baldwin Lane/Holts Lane
    The Chair briefed the action group members and gave an outline of the Planning Office process for undertaking a scoping exercise for proposed developments.   The scoping exercise will determine what further evidence will be required to accompany the full planning application. Some examples are of additional evidence may be;

  • Environmental Impact Survey, traffic surveys, wildlife surveys (bat) and flood risk reports
    The Chair expressed the importance of the local residents on Julian Drive/Back Lane/Clayton Heights volunteering and getting involved in the campaign and developing their own activity within the area.  The Chair informed the group that the existing KCG members (currently 7 in total) would be happy to provide support and guidance to a sub group but could not offer to fight to stop the developments in isolation.   The Chair highlighted the importance of preparation work i.e. petitions, writing objections letters and ‘doing your homework’ to ensure that any arguments are factually correct.  
    It was agreed that a sub group would be formed by local residents of the affected area.   The Chair had a brief discussion with a couple of action group members after the meeting closed to exchange email address to discuss the next steps.
    Mike and John from Save the Green Fairweather Green   
    Mike from Save the Green gave an update on the proposed planning application for the Leaventhorpe Lane development and outlined the importance of working together at a local and wider community level.   Mike informed the group that there are currently 850 brownfield sites across Bradford that could be potentially built on.  STGFG campaigners had recently met with Malcolm Joy (Planning Officer) Bradford Council and Malcolm had confirmed that the Core Strategy would be reviewed.  

    Questions from the floor.

  • At the village hall consultation Barratts mentioned that they would be offering concessions and funding to improve the local infrastructure?  CT confirmed that as there are no CIL Levy for BD14 funding would not be forthcoming
  • How long is the scoping exercise?   JF usually around 6 weeks and there are 2 levels, what documentation is required
Make a planning application | Bradford Council

Make an application online. We welcome the submission of planning applications online through the Planning Portal or iApply. The Planning Portal and iApply will take you through the online submission process from selecting the appropriate forms and attaching documents to formally submitting the application and paying the application fee.

  • Julian Drive residents – planning has been refused before.  
  • Access issues to Julian Drive – potential access via Blackberry way, impact on Clayton and access via Garden on Julian Drive/Lingfield Terrace
  • Traffic Surveys already undertaken
  • Can the Group apply to protect the site as an outstanding area of beauty – Sub Group could look into this
  • Upper Syke – potentially a roman road and mines – can this be investigate by the Sub group
  • Springs in the fields and on local properties – can this be investigated by the Sub Group   
  • Queensbury Tunnel – can this be investigated by the Sub Group    
    meeting closed at 8:40