About Mohammed (Harry) Boota.Harry Boota

I retired after nearly 23 year’s service in the Royal Navy and am also a veteran of both the Falklands War and the 1st Gulf War.

I am a father of five children (3 boys and 2 girls aged between 20 – 37) who are either living in Southampton, at university or employed elsewhere otherwise, and are carrying on with their chosen life’s paths.

I arrived in Bradford with my father to Bradford in 1967 at the age of eleven going on twelve. I began learning my ABC at Hanson School on Barkerend Road and went on to learn the “Doh, Re, Me” bit at Tyresil school. Progressing very fast with my education I then went to Undercliffe Junior school to learn the 123.

It was not long before I was at Fairfax Grammar school to complete my CSE’s, Certificate of Secondary Education they were called at the time if I remember correctly.

Therefore, part of my growing up and schooling was done in Bradford. I however, left Bradford in 1973 to enrol in the Royal Navy. Having retired in 1996, I have since only carried out self-employed work as an IT specialist. Also I was introduced to Aromatherapy oils in 2012 and I now also have a business which retails aromatherapy products online.

I am currently the director of Boota Enterprises Limited & UK Essences Limited T/A Aromystic Aromatherapy Oils, a Brand which supplies aromatherapy products and services to the aromatherapy industry throughout the UK and rest of the world.

I was also the parliamentary candidate in the 2015 General Election in Bradford West against Mr George Galloway. And in May 2016 the candidate in Clayton and Fairweather Green Ward.

I am proud to have been selected again by my local conservative party to represent the Tong Ward in the 2021 Local, Mayoral and Police Commissioner Elections which will take place on Thursday 6th May.

These elections cannot be fought and won without the help and support of the local residents, and therefore I humbly ask your help and support in my campaign.

I welcome local activists to help with my campaign and would be delighted if those interested to please contact me via the Contact Me page.

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