Harry Boota

Harry Boota for Clayton and Fairweather Green 2018

I am delighted to report that on Monday 13th March I was endorsed as the #Conservative candidate for the Clayton & Fairweather Green Ward for the 2018 Local elections.

It would be a great privilege to win and represent the good people of Clayton & Fairweather Green, who surely deserve a change for the better!

There are areas in and around blighted by speeding cars, heavily residential areas are crying out for traffic calming measures, to make the roads safer for the residents, however, the current Labour councillors have achieved zero sum in the ward, despite there being three of them!

I hop that the I will be able to gain sufficient support in the coming months, from the local residents, to be elected as their conservative councillor, and give the positive support needed in the areas to improve the lives of the residents. Whether it be from speeding cars, fly-tipping or anti social behaviour. I shall be your champion!

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